Friday, November 26, 2010

001 ♬ ♪ hello hello.

maybe I do judge a book by its cover but I definitely do not judge people by first impressions


here goes my first entry.

→ I really hate it when people judge me without getting to know me. it's an immature thing to do.

→ I got through this week with so much pain, glad that weekend is finally here. it killed me having to go through a hell of busy week with this never-ending backache. :/

→ I actually have nothing to write, but since my big sis kept on pushing me to have a decent blog  I mean hey, I've enough with my livejournal no need to have to own two blogs

→ oh. I bought a new phone strap yesterday I'm loving the colors. :)

okay. done!

♥ about this blog

this is officially the third place for me to rant, ramble ...and gurgle after my diary and my livejournal. welcome!

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